First of all, thanks for your interest.
I designed a short questionnaire.
Tell me some more about what you do and what you need.
I'll tell you if I'm the right professional for you.
After reviewing this questionnaire, I'll be back to you!
Let's go!
I'm listening. Tell me more! *

Can you tell me something about your project? When do you need to have the project done by?
What's happened? *

I mean, what's changed, or what has occurred at a certain moment that made you think “Wow, I now need to do XYZ!”? Why now and not before? Why now and not in a month or in a year?
So, that really particular thing happened and you decided to solve the problem. Wait... what problem?

You're now trying to fix something, to solve a problem. But could you tell me more about what that problem is? What do you want to solve with this project? There's no project without a backing problem. You probably now think “My competitors won’t care about these things! They don't investigate what the problem is.” I can tell you that if we know what the problem is, we can better tailor the project and the result too.
How big is the problem?

Great. We have now found the problem. Actually, you've found the problem I now try to help you define how big is that problem. I only work on projects where I can deliver an ROI. What needs to happen to make this project a success and solve the problem? What impact — financial, reputation, or whatever — the problem is having on your business? If you want to discuss details under an NDA in a separate step, no problem. Just give me some clue about how painful the problem is for you.
What's the cost?

Let’s try to think about a scenario: the problem is still there let's say in a month, or in a year. You can't solve it. What are the risk and the cost of such a scenario? What does it mean for you long term if the problem is still there, unsolved?
A brilliant future!

Since we don't want the problem to be still there in future, we've just solved the problem! How does look like tomorrow without this terrible problem? What's the impact on your business of no more having that problem?
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